Parcel Lebaran Double Delight B

Rp 750,000

What’s inside:

Royal Choice
Butter Cookies 408 gr
Van Houten Almond 90 gr
Fererro Rocher 31 gr
Wonderland Assorted Cookies 300 gr
Tango Cheese Long size 200 gr
Verkade Kruid 150 gr
Monde butter cookies 90 gr
Fanta tin 250 ml
Fanta tin 250 ml
ABC Special grade 580 ml
Monde Serena Eggroll 55 gr
Fox Fruit 180 gr
Herbadrink Sari Jahe
Good Day moccacimo
Monde Soft Pie
Oreo Mini
Pringless 110 gr

Exclusive Gift Box and Decoration
Free Greeting Card


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