Parcel Lebaran Royal Choice

Rp 1,100,000

What’s inside:

*Danish Royal Choice 960gr
*Monde Butter Cookies 454 gr
*Selamat Assorted 280gr
*Silverqueen Qnuts
*Chateau Premier 750ml
*Lipton English Breakfast Tea 15’s
*Cavendish & Harvey Fruits Drops 200 gr
*Ritz Chocolate 360gr
*Mio Stick 250gr
*Pringles Original 110gr
*Astor Chocolate 150gr
*Delfi Briko Hazelnut 198gr
*Goodtime mini cookies 45 gr
*Goodtime Mini Cookies 45gr
*Chocomania Festive
*Artificial Flower Decoration
*Excluxive Vinyl Box
*Free Delivery Jabodetabek





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